About us  
We are a group of companies present inside a diverse market.

Established in 1956, Brampac is formed by a group of companies doing business in Brazil and worldwide, in the sectors of Chemical, Plastics, Elastomers and partner companies in plastics and packaging sectors.

The companies are operating in the production of:

• Nitrile rubbers and latices;
• Sheets and thermoformed packaging;
• Compounds/ engineering plastic blends;
• And also in the distribution of Thermoplastic Resins and composites.

We focus our business attending the needs of a transforming market, trying to be the number one choice for our clients.

The target at Brampac, has 5 different points:
• Quality and realiability in our products;
• Continuous enhancement of our processes and people;
• Innovation and Consolidation;
• Getting results that allow consolidation and increased value to our shareholders;
• Policies for safety, environment and the well being of all employees, and for all the communities and associations that Brampac and partners are present today.

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